It is with great excitement that we publish this third volume of the Journal of Comparative Theology.


The third volume of the Journal of Comparative Theology presents articles concerning both the theory and the practice of comparative theology. This expanding inquiry into the field, represented by both the number and various subject matter of the submissions we received, demonstrates that the field continues to grow, especially among undergraduate and graduate students.

Posted on:
April 30, 2012

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Editors: “Introduction”

Oludamini Ogunnaike: “Myth and the Secret of Destiny: Mircea Eliade’s Creative Hermeneutics and the Yorùbá Concept of Orí”

Bennett Comerford: “The Present Situation and the Comparative Imperative: Parallels in the Theological Responses to Religious Pluralism of David Tracy and Francis X. Clooney”

Hans Harmakaputra: “Comparing H̩usayn’s Martyrdom and Jesus’ Crucifixion: An Excursion on Finding Common Concern”

Carlo Perez: “Understanding Happiness as Vision of God: A Comparative Reading of Aquinas and Al-Ghazzālī”

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