It is with great excitement that we publish this fourth volume of the Journal of Comparative Theology.


THE FOURTH VOLUME of the Journal of Comparative Theology received the most submissions yet, and thus I am delighted to see it continue to grow at an encouraging pace. There are many up-andcoming graduate students showing interest in the field as well, as demonstrated by the amount of inquiries the Journal receives not only nationwide but also from abroad.

Posted on:
June 08, 2013

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Editors: “Introduction”

Yaira A. Robinson: “Creating Space for Transformation: Moltmann’s Theology of Play in Conversation with the Jewish Sabbath”

Brandon Ro: “(Re)interpreting the Cosmic History of the Mormon Temple Experience: Theological Connections between Jewish and Catholic Sacred Space”

Emily Henson: “The Sounds of Silence: A Comparative Reading of Mystical Theology and the Kena Upanishad”

George Archer: “The Hinterlands of the Qur’ān: The Edges of the Eternal and the Temporal in Early Ḥanbalite Thought with Analogs to Catholic Theology”

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