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Submission Guidelines:

All submissions must be the original and unpublished work of the author. Submissions should include end-note citations based on the Chicago Manual of style and a bibliography, and should not be longer than 30 pages. Articles should be within the field of comparative theology, including unique scholarship, research, book reviews, and critical responses to previously published articles.

Articles may be e-mailed to submissions [at]

Book Reviews

Reviews of books related to the field of comparative theology or, more broadly, to interreligious learning and reading, may also be submitted to submissions [at] Reviews should be between 750-1500 words. We are looking for reviews of the following title(s) in particular:

Voss Roberts, Michelle. Tastes of the Divine : Hindu and Christian Theologies of Emotion. First ed. 2014.

Brecht, Mara, and Locklin, Reid B. Comparative Theology in the Millennial Classroom Hybrid Identities, Negotiated Boundaries. Routledge, 2016.

Noelliste, Noelliste, Dieumème E, and Chung, Sung Wook. Diverse and Creative Voices: Theological Essays from the Majority World. Pickwick Publications, 2015.

Valea, Ernest M. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue as Theological Exchange : An Orthodox Contribution to Comparative Theology. Pickwick Publications, 2015.



The Journal aims to publish one issue per year. Issues are usually published between March and April. All submissions received after February every year will be reviewed by the beginning of the following year. 

Selection Process:

The editorial board will review all submissions and base their selections on several criteria. The article will be judged based on its:

1. Relevance to both the field of comparative theology in general, and (if applicable) the subject of the current issue in particular.

2. Demonstration of high academic standards, both in writing and coherence.

3. Adherence to the submission guidelines.

Authors will receive a reply within 8 weeks of their submission.

For more information, please e-mail info [at]

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